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Installing and Decorating Your TV Above the Fireplace

Imagine a chilly evening, a crackling fireplace, and your favorite TV show playing right above it. Sounds cozy, doesn’t it? In this article, we’ll explore simple and easy ideas for installing and decorating your TV above the fireplace to create a warm and inviting living space.

Start Simple

Let’s begin with the basics. Mounting your TV directly above the fireplace is a straightforward and effective way to set up your entertainment space. This arrangement allows you to enjoy the warmth of the fire while catching up on your favorite shows.

Add a Mantel

Enhance the charm of your TV and fireplace combo by adding a mantel underneath. A mantel not only provides a classic touch but also gives you a perfect spot to display family photos, candles, or small plants, making the area feel more like home.

Introduce Shelves

For a functional and stylish setup, consider installing shelves on either side of the fireplace. These shelves can serve as decorative spaces for your favorite items, such as books, decorations, or even DVDs, adding a personal touch to the entire setup.

Conceal the Wires

Messy wires can spoil the clean look of your setup. Ensure a tidy appearance by hiding the wires. Use cable organizers or run the wires discreetly behind the wall to maintain a neat and organized appearance.

Create a Gallery Wall

Transform the space around your TV into a personalized gallery wall. Surround your TV with artwork, photos, or other decorative elements to make the setup resemble a unique piece of art.

Frame It Up

Give your TV a polished look by framing it with a decorative frame. This simple addition can elevate the appearance of your TV, making it seem more like a well-thought-out piece of furniture.

Choose the Right Size

Size matters! Ensure that your TV is proportionate to the space. Measure the wall and the fireplace to determine the ideal size that complements the room without overwhelming it.

Illuminate with Lights

Set the mood with soft lighting around your TV. Installing subtle lights can create a cozy atmosphere, perfect for movie nights or when you want a warm ambiance in the room.

Inject a Pop of Color

Add vibrancy to the space by incorporating pops of color. Throw pillows or blankets on your sofa can not only bring in warmth but also tie the entire room together, creating a visually appealing and inviting environment.

Infuse Personal Touches

Make the setup uniquely yours by adding personal touches. Whether it’s your favorite blanket draped over the sofa or a quirky decoration on the mantel, infuse elements that reflect your personality and make the space feel like home.


Setting up your TV above the fireplace doesn’t have to be complicated. By incorporating these easy and practical ideas, you can transform your living room into a cozy haven where the warmth of the fire meets the joy of entertainment. So, grab your favorite snacks, queue up your preferred show, and bask in the delightful ambiance of your perfect TV above the fireplace setup!

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